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4K sample reel: The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III goes to the blacksmith

When we learned that the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III would be one of the most capable stills and video hybrid cameras around, we knew we wanted to do some shooting and see for ourselves what it’s capable of. So we made some calls and wound up at Lawless Forge, a blacksmith shop in south Seattle, and got to work.

All footage was shot on a pre-production camera in Canon Log using the full width of the sensor at 4K/60p or 4K/24p, using IPB compression (CFexpress cards don’t yet grow on trees). Aperture and shutter speed were controlled manually, with Auto ISO gaining up or down as necessary, and ISO values varying from 800 to 6400.

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Footage was compiled and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, using a Canon-supplied Lut and minor tweaking beyond that. Lighting in the space was a mix of cool flickering fluorescents and tungsten (in other words, not good), so keep that in mind as you watch.

Also, if you don’t like guitars, I personally apologize for the music.

You can check out a ton of out-of-camera JPEG still images from this same shoot if you scroll a little ways through our pre-production sample gallery below.

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Released on Feb 13, 2020