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Astronomik’s Clip-Filter system is now available for the Canon EOS R and RP

Astronomik has announced the release of its Clip-Filter system filters for the Canon EOS R and RP full-frame cameras. As with the company’s other Clip-Filter products, users can install the new model using their fingers, making it a simple task that can be performed quickly when needed.

Astronomik’s Clip-Filter system filters are made from laser-cut black anodized aluminum. Each filter is designed to fit within the camera body where it acts as a dust shield. Unlike with filter holders that are sandwiched between the camera body and lens, Astronomik says its Clip-Filters allow photographers to use all of the lens functions.

Additionally, the company points out that this type of filter design is cheaper than the larger filters that would otherwise be used on large camera lenses. The entire range of Clip-Filters can now be purchased for the EOS R and RP cameras in addition to the large list of other Canon camera models compatible with the filter system.