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Canon releases white papers detailing the still and video tech inside the 1D X Mark III

Editor’s note: Links have been updated and are now linking to the proper white papers once again. It appears Canon changed the URLs, causing a permission error.

Canon has released a pair of white papers on its new 1D X Mark III that dive into the details of the still and video technology inside its latest flagship camera system.

The still and video white papers are 59- and 21-pages long, respectively, and cover nearly every piece of tech inside the 1D X Mark III, complete with accompanying charts, graphics, tables and more. From details on the new square pixel AF detectors and their faster readouts to the Canon Log optoelectronic transfer function used in the video, these white papers cover it all and then some.

One of many charts/illustrations in the video white paper showing the Canon Log OETF for video captured with the 1DX Mark III.

You can find the still image white paper and video white paper on Canon’s 1D X Mark III product page. They’re viewable in the browser or available to download as PDFs.