First day with our Mavic

Finally took the DJI Mavic Air out of its box. Have had it since October of last year but  not tried it yet properly. Friday evening i spent getting all the firmware ready and batteries charged up. Saturday morning i took it on it’s first flights. Very happy with it. Alot easier to use than the Raptor i had earlier. No shaking in the flights as i was used and the quality is amazing. 

Started with beginner mode and played with that for a couple flights. Turned that off and got to take it around the house and high up. As you will see on the video below.

After that I just played around with it and tried the sports mode. Was fun until I lost control and it went straight in to a bush, ooops. Luckily just some scratches on the propellers. Was up and running right after. Tried some night flying but didn’t get much out of it. 

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