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Lomography launches preorders for Berlin Kino B&W 2019 Edition film

Lomography has released its new Berlin Kino B&W Formula 2019 35mm ISO 400 film product. The new model follows the company’s previously released Berlin Kino Film, which it described as being inspired by the New German Cinema movement. The new film, Lomography says, offers photographers ‘an upgrade in their freedom of creative choice, no matter if they shoot with 35mm or 120 format.’

The most notable aspect of Lomography’s ‘refined’ Berlin Kino formula is its ability to offer ‘huge amounts of photographic details’ in heavily shadowed and bright environments, the company explains. The film has an ISO 400 native sensitivity but can be pushed to 800, 1600, or 3200 without compromising detail levels or tonal range, according to Lomography.

The 2019 Edition of Lomography’s Berlin Kino B&W film can be preordered for $8.90 USD per roll or in a 5-roll bundle for $44.50 USD. The company currently estimates that its new film will start shipping next month.