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Your first interchangeable lens camera: a beginner’s guide

For the more established and experienced photographers of the internet, I will borrow the dedication page to Mark Z. Danielewski’s “House of Leaves:”

This is not for you.

This article is for your elderly neighbor, your young nephew or niece, or anyone whose photographic journey up to now begins and ends with a smartphone.

If this describes you, then hello. Welcome. You, budding photographer, have decided to embark on a new hobby, or an extension of something you’ve enjoyed on a mobile device, and this holiday season you have purchased (or been gifted) an interchangeable lens camera of your very own. You may not know why exactly you wanted or needed one – or even that some cameras come with lenses that detach in the first place.

Let’s unravel the basics here, so you can get from the box-opening to the picture-taking as quickly and as free from headaches as possible.